Where to go to excursion tour in March

March is the month of the beginning of spring, the month when the sun begins to really warm up, and any trip allows one to penetrate the atmosphere of the birth of spring. Choosing where to go to rest in March, the most important factor is the weather. has been watching cities for several years now, where they go on excursion holidays in March.

If you are planning excursion tour in March, pay attention to the air temperature, as well as the number of sunny days and the precipitation.

Excursion tour in March: watch the weather

Below is a list of resorts where you can go to excursion tour in March. For each city, the average temperature for this time of year and the temperature for the moment are indicated.

Temperature below +15°C
−4 Warsaw (Poland)
−3 Vienna (Austria)
−2 Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
−1 Copenhagen (Denmark)
0 Brussels (Belgium)
0 London (UK)
0 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
0 Paris (France)
+2 Berlin (Germany)
+7 Milan (Italy)
+11 Barcelona (Spain)
+12 Rome (Italy)
+13 Lisbon (Portugal)

Temperature higher +15°C
+16 Istanbul (Turkey)
+25 Delhi (India)

Other types of holiday in March

In addition, to go to excursion tour in March, you can also go skiing or for a vacation at sea.