Weather archive — Moscow, February 2016

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The average daily temperature
Moscow, February 2016 monitors the weather in Moscow since 1999. Report about the temperature in Moscow in February 2016 is obtained on the basis of historical data and includes the following:

  • weather history in Moscow for February 2016
  • daily average temperature schedule for February 2016
  • the mean (average) temperature in Moscow for February 2016
  • temperature data in table form
  • basic climatic data (maximum, minimum and as averaging value)
  • daily weather in Moscow in February 2016

Weather Diary for Moscow city, February 2016

Daily average temperature schedule — Moscow, February 2016:

Weather archive in Moscow in February in different years

What was the temperature in Moscow in February 2016 compared to other years, can be seen in the following graph. Darker color shaded areas on the top and bottom of the graph show what temperatures were not previously observed. In other words, white (open) bar shows the temperature variation over the years. The red line shows the current temperature.

The average temperature, Moscow in 2016

To estimate the temperature in Moscow in February 2016, compared to the other months of 2016, use the following chart. It includes a temperature chart in february 2016 against temperature variation for the entire 2016.

Weather table (average daily temperature) for Moscow city

Table of weather in Moscow.

The average temperature in Moscow for February 2016:

Day of
the month
The average daily
for years 1999–2017
The minimum
of the day
for years 1999–2017
The maximum
of the day
for years 1999–2017
February 1 −0.50°C −22.25°C +0.88°C
February 2 −0.25°C −19.00°C +0.62°C
February 3 +1.60°C −23.25°C +1.60°C
February 4 +1.00°C −20.12°C +3.12°C
February 5 −1.75°C −21.25°C +2.25°C
February 6 −2.20°C −24.25°C +2.75°C
February 7 −4.00°C −24.50°C +2.25°C
February 8 −2.60°C −23.25°C +1.88°C
February 9 −2.25°C −19.38°C +1.75°C
February 10 +0.25°C −18.38°C +1.88°C
February 11 −0.25°C −16.62°C +2.50°C
February 12 −0.88°C −22.62°C +2.38°C
February 13 +0.50°C −23.38°C +1.62°C
February 14 −1.88°C −16.50°C +2.38°C
February 15 +1.62°C −18.75°C +1.62°C
February 16 +1.17°C −17.75°C +1.17°C
February 17 +0.62°C −20.25°C +1.88°C
February 18 −1.33°C −21.75°C +2.25°C
February 19 −4.83°C −18.25°C +2.00°C
February 20 −3.81°C −17.00°C +1.88°C
February 21 −4.45°C −16.25°C +1.00°C
February 22 −3.32°C −21.12°C +1.00°C
February 23 +1.23°C −17.88°C +2.75°C
February 24 −1.59°C −14.75°C +1.62°C
February 25 −0.50°C −14.12°C +2.88°C
February 26 −0.12°C −14.12°C +2.00°C
February 27 +0.88°C −12.62°C +2.25°C
February 28 −1.36°C −11.00°C +3.62°C
February 29 −1.00°C −3.88°C +2.88°C

Basic climatic data for Moscow city for February 2016

Basic climatic data (minimum, maximum, average and other characteristics) in Moscow for February 2016:

Parametr (February 2016)ValueDate
Minimum temperature−8.00°CFebruary 19
Maximum temperature+4.00°CFebruary 27
Minimum daily temperature−4.83°CFebruary 19
Maximum daily temperature+1.62°CFebruary 15
The average monthly temperature−1.18°C

The history of weather in February in Moscow

The coldest February was in 2006. The average temperature was only −13.25°C.

The warmest February was in 2002. The average temperature reached −0.42°C.

So, in February 2016 (−1.18°C) was one of the warmest for the years 1999 – 2017.

This is evidenced by a graph of average temperature in Moscow in February, for the years 1999 – 2017:

The average monthly temperature in February, Moscow

The average monthly temperature in February in Moscow city, received from different sources:

In fact, in 2016−1.18°C
On average for the years 1999 – 2017−6.00°C
According to the Set of Rules 131.13330.2012 "Building Climatology"
(2012 year of publication)